Among our customers, our brands are perceived as a synonym for quality, innovation and effectiveness. We make an effort to distinguish a set of values and benefits for our brands, to create brands equity that leads to customers' preference and their long term loyalty.

Flexitive is one of our leading brands. The products under this brand name were designed to support the skeleton, to build strong bones and prevent fractures, to lubricate joints and regenerate tissues, promote hair, skin, nails and teeth condition. Those products are recommended especially for athletes, elderly people, children and women. 

BioFocus is one of our leading brands. The products under this brand name are based on blends of Probiotics and Prebiotics. Formulations were designed to provide wise health solutions for a variety of conditions, such as allergy, mouth cavity and gastro disorders.
They support immunity, lactose intolerance, anti colic and more. 

SPECTRU VIT is one of our leading brands. The products under this brand name are based on vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. They are recommended for maintaining a healthy body by supporting the immune system, the proper function of mental and physical systems. They ease pains, slow down the age process and they stimulate the children's growth and development process. 

Medevson is a medical devices line which focuses on development of unique medical solutions for all ages. The approach behind this line is to increase customers' self-care accessibility by offering safe and proven medical devices which meet three principals of innovativeness, effectiveness, and affordability - recommended by healthcare professionals and physicians.

Herbs of Bulgaria Lavender is a cosmetics line is a fully natural; it efficiently hydrates skin and provides a restoration effect. Because of herb's potency it promotes the process of damaged tissue regeneration. While providing relaxation and revitalizing, it balances, soothes and simultaneously stimulates spirit and body.

Yoghurt of Bulgaria is a cosmetic product line designed to provide a quick and effective impact on the skin, thanks to the advanced probiotic active ingredients which stimulating the synthesis of collagen, increasing oxygen absorption and improving cellular respiration, natural Bulgarian rose oil, natural essential plant oils and vitamins. It ensures expert care to regain the skin's natural beauty and health.

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