CEOThe vision of Miliant company is to be one of the leading consumer goods companies in innovation and quality of products, the preferred company amongst customers in the markets in which it operates.

The employees of Miliant are committed to the company's vision and its values and they implement the company's mission in practice, namely to have an impact on the environment to be a better place to live and to live a happier life. The company's team has set itself the goal to market and distribute products of highest quality, while maintaining the most strict quality standards. As part of the perception of customer service, the company's employees devote their energies to providing excellent customer service above expectations and providing added value to its customers.

Miliant company and its employees will work to preserve a safer and greener environment.

The company attaches great importance to human resource development by the adoption of advanced management techniques, personal development and by constant learning.

The company aims to lead to excellence in management processes while creating a competitive advantage. We support continuous improvement in order to increase the synergy of resources, and to leverage our joint capabilities so as to maximize organizational effectiveness.

Our corporate responsibility policy reflects the personal responsibility of each employee for the company's interaction with its business and social environment. The implementation of this policy affects the performance and demonstrates how we operate as a company and organization.

As the General Manager of the company I consider it very important to lead the company into the future. For the future, several questions have to be answered such as:
How do customers and employees perceive our company at present?
Which customers will be served by Miliant in the future?
What will be the basis for competitive advantage of Miliant company?
What skills or capabilities will make Miliant unique in its fields?

We are proud of our achievements to date. We implement a fair business model that is also of great benefit to interested parties, while achieving long-term business goals and working to expand the range of products we have to offer to our customers.

Nir Anselmi


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