Our strategy focuses on several targets, such as expanding the business performance, proposing high added value products and service, maintaining competitive position of product differentiation and increasing effectiveness and quality.
We explore for new insights, persevere tangible collaboration with other colleagues so as to identify and resolve problems, to contend with challenges that in turn would lead to our success.
As part of our strategy, our Business Development team consolidates and defines a continuous development plan of new products.
Expanding the product line is an important growth engine that enables us to offer an assortment of products to diverse customers or to enrich already offered range of solutions for existing customers. In addition, our teams conduct the following activities: regulatory affairs, import, warehousing and distribution, market research, marketing and advertising, promotion & sales as well as customer service.

 MG 6861-sper-MASTER-2

Main categories of interests:

  • Food supplements & herbal products
  • Food and beverages
  • Woman and Child healthcare products
  • Medical devices
  • Dermo-cosmetics 
  • Safe products


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