valuesOur five core values are: Integrity, Excellence, Innovativeness, Customer focus and Contribution. They all give our business a meaning and demonstrate how we operate as an organization.

Those values play a major part in our success in keeping our promises to our customers, our suppliers and to each other.

We strive to continuously be the first to reveal new ideas and products.
We keep searching for new, high-grade raw materials.
We offer new formulations and innovative added value products.

We demonstrate fairness and accountability.
We operate with transparency towards our customers and suppliers.
We advocate a partnership model with our employees.

We continually seek to enrich our knowledge.
We lead to organizational solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness.
We believe in measuring results and monitoring process.

Customer Focus
We always strive to understand our customer needs
We go the extra mile and exceed expectations to achieve full customer satisfaction
We serve our customers on a daily basis

We fund sponsorship for activities related to healthcare
We support medical, scientific and patient organizations
We implement CSR as an organizational policy.

values chart

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