Miliant is a privately owned company.   
Miliant company specializes in marketing and sales of food supplements, healthcare products, cosmetics and FMCG.
Miliant is a growing, dynamic company. One of our primary goals is to strive to achieve excellence in every activity. Excellence is an important value, the basis of our success and main part of our long-term vision and business strategy.

With 18 years of experience in trade, marketing and sales fields, Miliant's highly trained professional staff possesses a wealth of knowledge in logistics & operations, marketing, sales and customer service.

Miliant's business development and marketing activities rely on analyzing the market and business environment through the use of preliminary studies.
Extensive experience and good insight allows Miliant company to achieve its goals successfully.

Miliant is always exploring and working on expanding its product range and developing new categories as a part of our efforts to strengthen market position and ensure continuous growth. Miliant company believes in establishing business partnerships with companies that have and share common values, with emphasis being laid on business relations based on reliability, constant development, long-term and productive collaboration.


Miliant company is committed to marketing products comprised of the best raw materials, which are manufactured under strictest standards and QA procedures. As an important part of quality commitment, finished products are tested by independent third party laboratories in order to ensure their quality and safety before leaving the warehouse on its way to the consumers.
Miliant company provides its customers with high quality, added value and innovative products.

Miliant's portfolio includes leading brands such as "SPECTRU VIT", a product line of vitamins and minerals, "BioFocus", a probiotics product line of various health solutions and "FLEXITIVE", a product line for the health of bones and joints, containing ingredients with proven effectiveness. Our customers pool consists of pharmacies, drug stores, food and cosmetics stores and retail chains.

We at Miliant company ensure customer satisfaction through our dedication to focusing on the customers' needs, our integrity and commitment to integrative business management that espouses the customer oriented approach and provides unique products.

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