qualityWe always seek to improve the quality of our products and the efficacy of our internal business processes.
All our products are manufactured pursuant to the highest possible standards and they are marketed under MOH licenses.

Manufacture is certified by international quality standards such as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Food safety management systems under standard of ISO 22000, Cosmetics under ISO 22716 and quality management system of
ISO 13485 of Medical Devices.

We secure the monitoring and analysis of quality and safety, extending from active and inactive substances to the finished product. Our quality principles ensure customer's confidence and assist us in delivering what we believe in.

Miliant company welcomes any feedback and reports from customers about any problem that might arise with our product quality.
We perceive quality as a part of excellence, which is our leading value. We continually seek to broaden our knowledge, striving toward organizational solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness, and we believe in measuring results and monitoring processes that bring improvement of our knowledge, increase the quality of decisions and impact our performance.
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